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Whether you want to capture your family in a fun and casual way, or celebrate your love story with a couple's session, Stephanie is here to help. She understands the importance of preserving special moments and creating memories that will last!



Stephanie brings a friendly vibe to your event, creating a relaxed and effortless shoot. From conferences to behind-the-scenes of a project, to family reunions, she's here to capture those special moments and create memories that last a lifetime.



Professional photography is essential when it comes to showcasing your business.  Whether you're looking for product photography or portraits of your team, Stephanie has the skills and experience you need to achieve fantastic results. 

"Stephanie is my go-to event photographer."

Eric Pauls | Producer/Director

Hi There,

So happy you came across my page!

My name is Stephanie Lanting  and I'm a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer based in Calgary, Alberta (and willing to travel). I am passionate about helping people bring their vision to life, whether it's capturing important moments on camera or creating stunning videos. I have been honing my craft for years and always strive for excellence in everything I do. What sets me apart from others is my dedication to my clients and my belief in the power of storytelling. Let's work together to tell your story in the most compelling way possible!

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